Brow shape€10.00Book Now
Lip wax€7.00Book Now
Lip & chin€15.00Book Now
Chin€9.00Book Now
Sides of face€10.00Book Now
Under arm€12.00Book Now
Bikini€15.00Book Now
Californian€25.00Book Now
Brazilian€35.00Book Now
Hollywood€50.00Book Now
Half leg€18.00Book Now
Full leg€32.00Book Now
Full arm€20.00Book Now
Half arm€15.00Book Now
Back wax€35.00Book Now
Chest wax€30.00Book Now
Full Set of Gels€55.00Book Now
Refills€45.00Book Now
Gel Overlays€35.00Book Now
Shellac/Gelish€30.00Book Now
Shellac/Gelish removal€10.00Book Now
File & polish€20.00Book Now
File & shine€10.00Book Now
kids princess polish€10.00Book Now
Classic Mani€40.00Book Now
Deluxe mani€45.00Book Now
Shellac off & on€30.00Book Now
Shellac/Gelish toes€30.00Book Now
Toe polish€20.00Book Now
Classic pedi€40.00Book Now
Classic pedi (With shellac)€50.00Book Now
Pristine pedi€50.00Book Now
Pristine pedi (With shellac)€60.00Book Now
Shellac Attack€50.00Book Now
Holiday Special€70.00Book Now
Wedding Special (Bride)€110.00Book Now
Wedding Special (Bride & 3 Bridesmaids)€375.00Book Now
Henna€20.00Book Now
Makeup€25.00Book Now
Hair(Fri & Sat Only)
Curl & Pin€25.00Book Now
Straight Blowdry€15.00Book Now
Curly Blowdry€25.00Book Now
Upstyle€35.00Book Now
Full Head Extensions€280.00Book Now
Half Head Extensions€140.00Book Now
HD Brows€35.00Book Now
Brow Tint€8.00Book Now
Shape & tint€15.00Book Now
Lash tint€10.00Book Now
Eye trio€25.00Book Now
Occasional lashes€20.00Book Now
Semi permanent€70.00Book Now
Refills€45.00Book Now
Full body€20.00Book Now
Half body€15.00Book Now